No permanent victories against racism

They came from all over the country: Colorado Springs; Granada Hills, Calif.; Groton, Conn; Chicago; Philadelphia; and Westhampton, N.Y. They were Dunbar High School alumni responding to a call to gather at Bolling Air Force Base last Saturday to celebrate the birthday of Paul Laurence Dunbar and to honor alumni who have supported the storied D.C. high school and the Dunbar Alumni Federation.

Every high school in America should have an alumni federation like Dunbar’s — graduates dedicated to providing scholarships and other support to students and future graduates. Dunbar alumni, with little fanfare, have provided financial resources, served as mentors and, when necessary, become surrogate mothers and fathers.

The goal they share is simple: Create better futures for Dunbar students and graduates.

These alumni are African Americans with a modicum of success who devote their time, talents and treasure to enhancing the lives of those coming behind.

The media often attributes black progress to the efforts of a benevolent federal government and compassionate white folk.

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Article Credit
“No permanent victories against racism”
By Colbert I. King
Washington Post. 4 July 2014.