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May 2014
April 2014

Why America’s Mass Incarceration Experiment Failed

The provost of Rutgers University-Newark, Todd Clear specializes in the study of criminal justice, and…

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February 2013

Prison and the Poverty Trap

WASHINGTON — Why are so many American families trapped in poverty? Of all the explanations…

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September 2012

New Research Shows High Risk of Eviction for Women in Predominately Black Neighborhoods

For America’s poorest renters — particularly black women — evictions are disturbingly common, trapping them…

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October 2010

Toxic Persons: New Research Shows Precisely How the Prison-to-Poverty Cycle Does Its Damage

Forty years after the United States began its experimentation with mass incarceration policies, the country…

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March 2009

Crime and Punishment: Some Costs of Inequality

Once upon a time, economists told us that efforts to reduce income inequality would be…

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April 2004

Economic Inequality and the Rise in U.S. Imprisonment

Abstract This paper relates the growth in men’s prison admission rates to increasing economic inequality…

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