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December 2015

“When the poor are forced to the suburbs, getting to work becomes a huge challenge”

[Source: Washington Post – December 28, 2015] For the poor in the Deep South’s cities,…

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“What’s Fair for Fair Park”

[Source: Dallas Morning News – December 24, 2015] Excerpted from Mark Lamster’s article: “Year in…

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November 2015

“Affordable Housing vs. Gentrification”

[Source: New York Times –  November 27, 2015] An article about the tension between market…

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“Urban Charter Schools Often Succeed. Suburban Ones Often Don’t”

[Source: New York Times – November 22, 2015] An interesting article asserting that charter schools are…

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“Charter Schools as Incubators or Charter Schools Inc.?”

[Source: Huffington Post – November 15, 2015] AFT President Randi Weingarten on charter schools. Read More

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September 2015

“Taming Dade: The Fall and Rise of Dallas’ Worst Public School”

[Source: Dallas Observer – September 30, 2015] The fight started on the third floor right before fifth period,…

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“Charting Cities: Wealth/Inequality”

[Source: D Magazine – September 29, 2015] The 2014 ACS is out and I’ve begun assembling the data…

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“How Segregation Destroys Black Wealth”

[Source: New York Times – September 15, 2015] Americans commonly — and mistakenly — believe that well-to-do…

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July 2015

Reclaiming the Public Square

[Source: The Atlantic – July/August 2015] To hear Clevelanders talk, Public Square is a place you pass…

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